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Teacher Training

Teacher training at Ong’s Thai Massage School is specifically designed to enhance your Thai Massage experience.
One on one teacher observation provides you with the critical information you require to correctly share Thai Massage with your student.

Upon signing up for teacher training, you will be given a mentor, who will be with you throughout your training.
And when you complete your training, you will not be left alone. You will always have access to your mentor to
answer any questions you may have after training. The relationship between teacher and student will remain a lifetime.

Teacher training is provided in 60 hour modules for each class that you desire to teach. When the module is completed, there is a requirement to provide 10 hours of massage as an externship outside of the classroom.
Following each hour is a self-evaluation to assist you in finding your own strengths and deficiencies.
This is an effective way of building confidence in your technique.

Price Schedule
60 Hours     1 Class        ฿30,000  
90 Hours 2 Classes   ฿38,000
180 Hours 3 Classes   ฿50,000
240 Hours 4 Classes   ฿60,000
380 Hours 6 Classes   ฿75,000

Benefits: Upon completion of teacher training, if you choose, you can become apart of the association of teachers practicing worldwide.
We can provide you with certificates from Thailand, which a positive benefit that others schools can not do.
We also provide referral fees for students you send to our school in Chiang Mai.

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